Billy Graham (Wikimedia Commons)


Feb 12, 2018 by Alyssa Duvall

Billy Graham Warns Against Buying "Demonic" Spiritual Healing Items

In an answer to a reader's question on his website about buying "spiritual healing items", 99-year-old evangelist Billy Graham offered a strong warning against such objects which are scams at best and demonic at worst.

"I have bad arthritis, and I saw an ad in one of those supermarket papers for a gold-plated charm that they say will heal me," the reader asked. "The ad says it's been prayed over by a spiritual healer and has special magical healing powers. Should I send for it? It's kind of expensive."

"Nothing like this has any medical evidence to support its dubious claims, nor should you trust what the sellers say about it," Graham said, urging the reader not to waste his money.

Furthermore, he noted that the Bible clearly tells us to avoid any object that claims to have magical powers or people who claim to have magical powers.

"At best, such things will only make us poorer; at worst, they may bring us into contact with spiritual powers that are not from God but are demonic and opposed to God," Graham warned. "When the magicians in Ephesus turned to Christ, they immediately repented of their magical practices and destroyed their magical charms (see Acts 19:19)."

Instead of turning to what are essentially witchcraft scams, Graham encouraged the reader to put their hope in God's promise of Heaven in which all pain and suffering will be erased:

"Why not turn to Him for the help you need? When we commit our lives to Christ, we know God is with us, even when we experience pain or disability. No, I can't promise He will take all your pain away — but I can promise He will be with you, to encourage you and guide you to proper medical help."

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