Feb 23, 2018 by Alyssa Duvall

"Cannabis Church" Sues City After San Diego Police Raid, Compares Pot Sacrament To Wine

Sacred Source Sanctuary, a San Diego "cannabis church" that distributes marijuana for a sacrament is suing the city for $1.1 million in damages after police raided the church, citing protection under the First Amendment as a place of worship. Church leaders say the San Diego police department raided their building on Feb. 1 for working as an unlicensed cannabis dispensary.

“They did $75,000 worth in damage to the church and they took about 30,000 worth in inventory sacred blessed sacrament that they provide to their members,” a church leader said at the press conference.

The church also feels targeted because, in their estimation, giving cannabis as a form of sacrament is no different than Catholics giving wine to their parishioners, including minors.

The City Attorney's office said that if the claim is denied by the Department of Risk Management, then the cannabis church has grounds to move forward with a lawsuit.

According to their website, the Sacred Source Sanctuary believes:
- In Nature, the Divinity of all life, of all creation.
- In the infinite goodness of Spirit
- In the spiritual nature of Mind, Body, Heart, Body, Heart and Soul
- That love is the greatest power
- In the inherent goodness of ourselves and of each other
- That diversity is the nature of creation
- That we have the power to change our lives, our community and our world

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