Mar 07, 2018 by Alyssa Duvall

Play Depicting Transgender Jesus Given Green Light In Brazil, Judge Tells Christians "Just Don't Watch"

A ban on the highly controversial play by Scottish playwright Jo Clifford titled "The Gospel According To Jesus, Queen Of Heaven" has been lifted and now audiences in Brazil can flock to the theatre to see Jesus Christ portrayed as transgender. The injunction which formerly banned the play in São Paulo was overturned and deemed to be censorship and "cultural aggression".

"People might not agree with the content of the show," Judge J. L. Mônaco da Silva of the São Paulo Court of Justice in Brazil said in his decision. "But that's not enough reason to knock on the doors of the court to ban its performance. Just don't watch it!"

Conservative Christians have fought showings of the play with petitions claiming that "the performance of this horrific spectacle is equal to the persecution suffered by Christians in the first centuries when they were thrown to wild animals in the arenas of Rome as a form of entertainment."

The play was adapted in Brazil by Argentinian-born director Natalio Mallo and has continued to tour the country despite protests at nearly every turn.

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