Mar 07, 2018 by Alyssa Duvall

William Lane Craig: People Who Have Never Heard The Gospel Judged By Their Response To Nature

In a video recently posted to the Reasonable Faith Facebook page, Christian apologist William Lane Craig answered an audience question regarding how God will judge someone who has never heard the Gospel. Craig essentially removed any necessity for faith in Jesus or the God of Scripture from the salvation equation, which he argued would be "manifestly unfair" in such a situation.

Instead, Craig pointed to Romans 1 and 2 in his argument that that such a person would be judged based on the information or "light" that they have and their reaction to the general revelation of God in nature and in their own conscience.

The video was met with an immediate backlash from commenters who argue that Craig's logic is thoroughly refuted later on in Romans, particularly chapters 3 and 10, which make the case that man's natural state is sinful and prone to reject its Creator.  Others argued that it would make missionary work and evangelism not only unnecessary, but cruel.

Hear Dr. Craig's full response in the video below:

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