Tony Perkins (Photo By Gage Skidmore)


Mar 12, 2018 by Alyssa Duvall

Tony Perkins: Republicans Need The Christian Vote To Keep Religious Freedom Under Trump

Speaking to the audience gathered at last week's National Religious Broadcasters 75th annual convention in Nashville, Family Research Council President Tony Perkins declared that although "the sun is shining right now in America", the advances in religious freedom enjoyed under the Trump administration will end without the support of conservative evangelicals in the upcoming midterm elections.

"We need to be wise and act quickly, not only using these freedoms to spread the good news, but also to put in place policies that will protect and promote these essential freedoms, not just for ourselves but those yearning for freedom around the globe and generations yet unborn," Perkins said.

He cited how this administration has "appointed excellent judges like Neil Gorsuch; enacted unparalleled pro-life policies, and cut taxes and is growing our economy," while working to restore religious freedom, move the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem, and rebuild the military, all efforts he credited largely to the record-setting numbers of evangelicals who came out to vote for Trump.

"Evangelicals understood what was at stake and voted," Perkins explained. "But the election was not the end of our responsibility, but rather the beginning of our opportunity. First by acting upon it, but also preserving it."

Perkins also mentioned the "intense effort on the Left" to silence, or at least stifle, the conservative voter. "If they succeed and your listeners and viewers get discouraged and stay home in the midterm election, the reform is over," he said. "The restoration of religious freedom and the freedom of speech will end."

Perkins also predicted that if conservatives fail to do their part this November, "one of the first orders of business (if Democrats win the House) will be the impeachment of President Trump...They most likely will not succeed in removing him from office, but they will most likely succeed in stopping what this administration is doing."

"[The Left] won't be able to jump back in the driver's seat of big government and restart their programs," Perkins continued. "They will have to rebuild, and that will take time, especially if they don't have the courts to help them in their activism. This is why every judicial confirmation is a fight."

Therefore, Perkins implored the evangelical voter to "act upon the opportunity that we have to fortify our freedoms, and to ensure government does not again try to quarantine our Christian faith within the walls of our churches."

"A lot has been done, but there is still plenty to do," he said. "The president ran and has governed by the theme 'Making America Great Again.' But America will only be great again when it has become good again, and that is not government's mission, but ours, followers of Jesus Christ," he concluded. "Let's be wise and make the best use of this moment in time, this opportunity."

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