Mar 20, 2018 by Alyssa Duvall

VIDEO: Greg Locke Rebuked Mid-Prayer By Pulpit And Pen Fan

Last Thursday, the pastor and members of Benchmark Church in Tennessee were forced to defend their guest speaker, controversial preacher Greg Locke when a fan of polemics blog Pulpit And Pen publicly rebuked Locke during the service for "not living up to what a pastor needs to be." Several videos of the ensuing fight during the revival service at the church in Oliver Springs have surfaced on social media, including one at the end of this article.

For months, Locke and his ministry at Global Vision Bible Church have been one of many targets of Pulpit And Pen, who originally broke the story that Pastor Locke was headed for divorce from his mentally ill wife, Melissa. J.D. Hall, a Montana resident and P&P's founder, has maintained that Locke is unfit for ministry due to the divorce as well as alleged adultery.

During the revival service in question, P&P follower Tim Weakley demonstrated their style of guerilla polemics and dangerous disruptions of church services as he attended the revival service with his wife and family. When Locke began to speak, Weakley interrupted him.

"You know some of us need to tremble when the devil is against us," Weakley began, met with shouts of support from the congregation.

"My heart is just broken from what's been going on and I'm telling you this brother [Locke] needs prayer right now. Not like all of us, no right now," Weakley urged. Locke and the church allowed Weakly to continue with what was expected to be an intercessory prayer.

"We know that the devil is just having his way. And the biggest problem we have right now is this man right here," he continued, pointing to Locke bowing his head behind the pulpit. Weakly added that Locke "is not living up to what a pastor needs to be."

After a brief moment of stunned silence, angry attendees began shouting from the back of the church. Weakley continued speaking, but was quickly interrupted by the church's leader, Pastor Benjamin Blankenship, who ordered him to "get out, get out of here now."

A fight and shouting match continued until Weakley and his family were finally removed from the church.

In another video, Weakley said he and P&P have no plans to cease efforts to evict Locke from the pulpit: "This is what happens when you go out and stand up. Greg Locke understands now that we're not gonna take this lying down. There are folks from Pulpit & Pen all over the place."

"There are some other folks who they're gonna come by and hold these ministries and revivals and stuff. They've shamed the gospel of Jesus Christ, they've shamed the pulpit," Weakley continued. "We can't do anything about their sin or their repentance but as far as the church and holiness in the church, we really need to be on top of it."

Pastor Blankenship responded with several jabs at Weakley and P&P on his Facebook page: "This pious sacrosanct devil is [deluding] himself & his weak-minded followers who sit idly at their computers swallowing up his lies like little birds. He has [publicly] shown that he has a severe spiritual disorder."

"What these heartless people are doing to Pastor Greg Locke isn't Christian, but monstrous," Blankenship wrote. "Frankly, I question their true motives. It's been alleged that much of it is for different reasons and when some of them saw an opening they took it. While many of us are in the public eye to some degree our lives are not their business."

See the altercation for yourself in the video below:

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