J. Michael Finley as MercyMe's Bart Millard in "I Can Only Imagine"


Mar 20, 2018 by Alyssa Duvall

Why We Want You To Go See "I Can Only Imagine"

"I Can Only Imagine", the faith-based family drama based on the life of MercyMe vocalist Bart Millard, has vastly exceeded box office expectations in its opening week, following closely behind Tomb Raider and Black Panther. Here's why we want you to get out and see the film for yourself!

Warning, possible spoilers ahead!

  1. A Story of Redemption

    Millard has often said that MercyMe's hit “I Can Only Imagine” was inspired by his relationship with his father, Arthur, and the film explores his troubled upbringing and the abuse he frequently suffered at his father's hands. After leaving home to pursue his dream of becoming a musician, Millard swore never to return. However, Bart eventually watched in amazement as his father was changed and renewed by God. "I Can Only Imagine" is an incredible portrait of the transformative power of the gospel and reminds us that it is only by Gods grace that any of us are saved!

  2. An Unapologetically Christian Film, But Not A Typical One

    "I Can Only Imagine" makes no effort to smooth over its message to appeal to a broader audience, and we love it for that. Bart Millard is portrayed as a believing Christian whose faith is an integral part of his entire journey. And, as a Christian, we see Bart struggle with doubt, anger, fear, and bitterness, but always with the Holy Spirit preserving and sanctifying him through each experience. These authentic and raw moments starkly separate "I Can Only Imagine" from the usual soft, fluffy, sentimental Christian films the faith-based entertainment industry is known for.

  3. God's Blessings And Providence Captured On Film

    Among the more poignant moments in "I Can Only Imagine", the scene involving Amy Grant gives us a beautiful picture of God's providence and perfect timing. Bart Millard originally sold the titular song to Grant, one of the era's most loved Christian musicians, because he thought MercyMe was too small and unknown for "I Can Only Imagine" to make an impact. Later on, Grant found herself desperately needing a new hit to put herself back on the map with a comeback tour. When time came to perform, however, Grant couldn't perform the song. She knew God had given this song to Millard, and now God moved her to give it back. In an incredible act of faith and humility, God used Amy Grant to change Millard's life, and the world.

  4. A Story Of God’s Plan

    We often hear and repeat the saying that “God has a plan”, with or without any further explanation. What we rarely acknowledge, perhaps because we are afraid to, is that God’s plans often don't go the nice, easy way we wish they would. It took Millard decades to pen his inspirational song, and only after years of failure and heartache did he discover where God had been leading him all the while. When you go to see "I Can Only Imagine", you will be reminded and encouraged to continue in the faith, patience, and perseverance God has for you to see Himself glorified in both your deepest failures and most amazing successes.

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