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Mar 20, 2018 by Alyssa Duvall

BREAKING: Pray For Texas As Fedex Package Adds To List Of Recent Random Bombings

A package believed to be headed for Austin, Texas exploded at a FedEx facility near San Antonio at around 1 A.M. this morning. According to an anonymous law enforcement official at the scene, it is "definitely a concern" that the blast could likely be the latest in a string of random bombings which have taken place in Austin in recent weeks.

Unofficial reports indicate that, hopefully, the package bomb had a limited impact with only one FedEx employee suffering a nonlife-threatening “percussion-type” injury from the blast at the facility in Schertz, Texas.

On Sunday night, a nearly invisible tripwire detonated the most recent bomb found in Austin which authorities believe indicates a "higher level of sophistication" than what was demonstrated in three earlier package bombs left on doorsteps which explode when opened or moved.

The suspected serial bomber that has terrorized Austin for weeks is now hitting random targets, rather than any particular individuals. Police originally pointed to possible hate crimes, but the victims have now been black, Hispanic and white and from different parts of the increasingly diverse city. The bombings have left two people dead and another four injured. Police do not appear to be any closer to making any arrests.

The use of a tripwire has heightened the atmosphere of fear in Austin. "It's creepy," said resident Erin Mays, 33. "I'm not a scared person, but this feels very next-door-neighbor kind of stuff." Christopher Combs, an FBI agent in charge of the bureau's San Antonio division said, "We're very concerned that with tripwires, a child could be walking down a sidewalk and hit something."

Authorities repeated prior warnings not to touch any unexpected packages and also alerted people to be wary of any stray object left in public, especially one with wires protruding.

Local and state police and hundreds of federal agents are continuing the investigation and the reward for information leading to an arrest has climbed to $115,000.

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