Mar 22, 2018 by Shane Idleman

One Pastor's Shocking Before/After and the Christian Approach To Weight Loss

Modern Americans have a weight problem and, sadly, its Christian community is not immune. The perversion and altering of food is what causes damage; it takes the life, nutrition, and health out of the food. Sadly, most are still listening to the world's influence about what to eat. We are bombarded by commercials and surrounded by fast food establishments. The influence is also affecting the church as a whole. We serve donuts instead of fruit. We promote chili-cook offs, but not events to work it off. Hundreds show up for potlucks, but very few for prayer and fasting services. Why do we pray for wisdom in other areas, but not in the area of health and nutrition? 

Before his incredible transformation, Pastor Shane Idleman struggled with an unhealthy weight:

See Pastor Shane Idleman's shocking transformation and hear his incredible teaching in the video below:

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