Mar 26, 2018 by Alyssa Duvall

Church Planter Rick Seaward Killed In Car Accident

Pastor Rick Seaward, whose Singaporean Victory Family Centre congregation has planted thousands of churches around the world, died in Brazil this week in a car accident.

Seaward was born in Singapore and founded the VFC megachurch there in 1977. Seaward served the congregation as an apostolic overseer and his son, Jeremy, is lead pastor.

Seaward, known for his belief in the power of miracles in missions, once said in a 2016 G12 Asia interview that miracles "really changed the whole paradigm of missions for us here in Singapore."

Pastors and ministry leaders worldwide took to social media to express their condolences. "Heart breaking to hear of the passing of Pastor Rick Seaward last night in Brazil," Rob Hoskins, founder of One Hope, said of pastor Seaward on Facebook. "Our prayers go out to the entire Seaward family and the Victory Family in Singapore and around the world."

Seaward's vision for Singapore was that it would be an "Antioch of Antiochs," and that its mission was "to plant churches, that will plant churches, that will plant churches."

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