Mar 29, 2018 by Alyssa Duvall

Evangelicals: Trump Funded Planned Parenthood, Signed "Immoral" Omnibus Spending Bill In "Moment Of Weakness"

After reluctantly signing the omnibus spending bill on Friday, President Donald Trump drew criticism from conservative evangelical leaders who say they would have supported a government shutdown over the "immoral" bill signed in a "moment of weakness." Despite the Trump administration's pro-life advancements, substantial funding for Planned Parenthood, the nation's largest abortion provider, will continue.

The $1.3 trillion bill was also denounced by evangelicals for massively increasing the national debt and failing protect unauthorized immigrants brought into the country as children.

Following the passing of the bill, a statement signed by a number of evangelical leaders was published by Johnnie Moore, an evangelical public relations executive who works closely in an informal advisory role with the Trump administration. Moore also handles media relations for a number of Trump's informal evangelical advisors.

Although noting the risk that would come with a government shutdown, the statement refused to excuse "sliding in $500 million dollars for Planned Parenthood," something its signatories considered "an immoral betrayal by the leadership of the Republican Party".

"We are sorely disappointed the White House was unable to do more to stop it," the statement continues. "This constituted a moment of weakness for an administration marked by the strength of its rhetoric and action."

"Some of those who [signed] included Jack Graham, Eric Metaxas, Mike Huckabee, Samuel Rodriguez, myself, and many, many, many others tweeted it," Moore explained to The Christian Post. "Huckabee's tweet alone was retweeted almost 800 times and liked almost 3000 times. Today, My Faith Votes will send a similar statement to hundreds of thousands of people via email."

Pro-life advocates who have pushed for years to strip Planned Parenthood of its annual federal funding, which accounts for nearly a third of its budget, are understandably disappointed with the bill, as the statement explains:

"The Trump administration has certainly demonstrated an unwavering — if not, historic — commitment to prioritize the sanctity of human life through actions like the expansion of the Mexico City Policy, and by working meticulously to undo excessive government regulations that intentionally violate the conscience protections of pro-life Americans. This is why we are disappointed they didn't fight harder."

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