Crisis Pregnancy Centers Under Fire On Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (Screenshot)


Apr 23, 2018 by Alyssa Duvall

Debunking John Oliver's Lies About Crisis Pregnancy Centers And Pro-Life Advocacy

In a recently-aired segment of his late-night talk show "Last Week Tonight", John Oliver, the left's newest comedian darling set his crosshairs on an unlikely target: crisis pregnancy centers. Oliver recycled accusations from Planned Parenthood that these charity organizations frequently lie about the services they actually provide, yet a simple look at the facts leaves one stunned as to how that conclusion was reached. Several have taken on the task of debunking Oliver's claims, which are "at worst flatly false, and at best cherry-picking data", including Christian podcaster Kerry Baldwin.

"Crisis pregnancy centers (CPCs) have caught on to the problem of poverty, but they have gone largely unnoticed and/or seriously downplayed, even treated as merely incidental, by the more prominent components of the pro-life movement," Baldwin says.

Citing a study by Laura S. Hussey, Associate Professor of the Political Science Department at the University of Maryland in Baltimore, which addresses the important work of CPCs, Baldwin adds that "CPCs may be the most thriving part of the pro-life movement and a model for future strategy, and are a direct response to decreased government entitlement reforms from the 1990s."

Contrary to Oliver's late-night segment, Hussey's study found that, either directly or by referral, many CPCs actually offer expectant mothers items and services including:
Baby care items
Children’s clothing
Maternity clothing
Baby equipment
Gift cards
Transportation assistance
Prenatal care
Labor and delivery care
Family primary care
Professional counseling
Job search assistance
Housing during pregnancy
Babysitting or child care
Housing for any age of child
Tuition assistance
Legal aid

Care Net, one of the largest nonprofit CPC networks in the country, highlights how the work of these centers isn't just meeting needs, it's spreading the Gospel: “Focusing on the woman’s baby is a misplaced goal...We should not allow our desire to prevent abortion to lead us to assume that God somehow thinks more highly of the client’s baby than He does of her.”

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