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Stephen Baldwin Boldly Shares His Faith in Hollywood

Many filmmakers and producers in Hollywood call Stephen Baldwin "Jesus Freak". He is a proud born-again Christian and isn't afraid to let all of Hollywood know about the One who saved him, Faithwire reports.

Stephen Baldwin is a well-known actor, producer and author. He is also the brother of Hollywood star Alec Baldwin and the father of superstar model and the soon-to-be wife of Justin Bieber, Hailey Baldwin. He’s also a born-again Christian who has been heavily involved in producing faith-based movies and TV shows since his conversion a number of years ago.

Since becoming a Christian, Baldwin has had to sacrifice a huge amount of work in the secular entertainment industry, which has resulted in him being labeled a “Jesus Freak” by many producers and filmmakers.

What about faith-based films? Are they getting any better?
“What’s happening in Christian cinema is progressively getting better,” Baldwin told host Lucas Miles. “But part of my calling is challenging Christians to be sure of their calling when they say ‘the Holy Spirit is calling me to Hollywood.'”

“I say, you better be sure about that because Satan’s running Hollywood, brother,” Baldwin said.

What are you working on at the moment? 
“I’ve made about 110 films in 30 years, so the Lord is always giving me ideas,” Baldwin continued. “Film is so natural to me, I have to stay in touch with the Holy Spirit. I get ideas every day for, let’s say, a Christian version of CSI or Law and Order.”

But Christian media must be produced “with excellence,” Baldwin stressed.

“We need to give it more crossover potential, make it more attractive so we can get the Gospel message across!” he said.

Do you share your faith with people in Hollywood?
Stephen explained how he has a massive tattoo on his arm that simply reads: “Worship Jesus.”

“The tattoos are really stories of my life that I use as opportunities to communicate,” Baldwin said, adding that when “somebody least expects a conversation to come up about eternity, I always have fun with it — every chance I get.”

“There’s a sense of urgency,” Baldwin noted of his compulsion to share the Gospel with the people around him. “Jesus is coming back.”

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