Sep 04, 2018 by Marina

Tips to Look Super Spiritual on Instagram

We all use Instagram. All day, every day. And we love it. 

For Christians, Instagram serves another important purpose: It allows us to look super spiritual, and be the Christian that other Christians are jealous of, just like the Bible teaches. It’s like some saint or something said, “Preach the gospel at all times, but when necessary, use the Gingham filter.”

Relevant Magazine has a few tips on how to look super spiritual on Instagram.

Post a screenshot of your phone playing a Jesus Culture song

Select any song from any Jesus Culture album ever. Screenshot your phone playing it. Post with a caption like “Starting the day off right.” Collect one more treasure in heaven. Even people who aren’t saved will know you’re listening to Christian music, because Jesus is in the band’s name. It’s a win-win, really.

Tell the world you went to church on Sunday

Post an image of the pastor on stage and make the caption about how challenged you were during the sermon.

Selectively post alcoholic beverages (to prove you’re a ‘cool’ Christian)

Occasionally post an image of a glass or wine or craft beer, this way, fellow churchgoers know you are one of the cool ones. Not too often though, because you don’t want them to get all judge-y in the comments.

Every time you fly, make sure to take a picture outside the airplane window.

Here’s the key: Make sure your caption says something about being on an adventure with God.

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