Fake Joel Osteen


Sep 06, 2018 by Marina

This Comedian Looks A Lot Like Pastor Joel Osteen And He Is Using It

He looks like pastor Joel Osteen. He even pretends to be him. Comedian Michael Klimkowski is a whole new level.

Joel Osteen is one of the most famous televangelists in the world. A Houston based pastor, Joel is famous for his arena sized congregations, his globally broadcast sermons, and more recently, his refusal to open his church after Hurricane Harvey. Even Oprah is a fan.

In this episode of Fame-ish, Vice meets Klimkowski, a struggling comedian in LA with an uncanny likeness to the famous pastor. After successfully crashing a sold out Joel Osteen event in 2017 in character as Joel Osteen, Michael has gained notoriety as the only Joel Osteen Pastor in the year. Will he ride this title to fame?

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