Sep 06, 2018 by Dick

Francis Chan: "The American Church Needs To Repent"

The church is not primarily about pastors, our needs or our comfort - the church is all about an intimate relationship with Jesus! That is the core message of Francis Chan, ex-megachurch pastor. He started a new church, based on, in his opinion the New Testament principals. He explains what that is about.

"Evangelist Francis Chan has called out the American church during a sermon at Azusa Pacific University", CBN reported.

Chan urged believers to read through the book of Revelation. He said many Christians are misled about what Jesus' return will actually be like. "John sees Jesus, the Risen Jesus, you know and we all think, 'Oh, if I could see Jesus  Francis Chan Calls Out 'Embarrassing' American Christians Who've Lost Their Passion for the Gospel

Jesus then tells John to deliver harsh words to seven different churches in Revelations 2-3.

"I never noticed that five out of the seven churches he goes, 'you better repent or else,'" Chan explained. "I never saw how serious the letters were to the churches...Here's this almighty God in chapter one and he gives these letters to John and he says 'tell the churches this."

"It's a loving father grabbing us, his children, going 'Listen, this is real. This is reality. This is going to happen. I am going to destroy the world and all the little things you think are so important and so huge right now, you're going to see nothing compared to the end. Get serious about me. Get serious about Me.'" he urged.

Chan believes the American church is no different from the churches in Revelation and needs to repent.

We focus more on good speakers, light shows, and nice worship music than sincere ministry to the heart of God. Meanwhile, other Christians are dying every day because it is a crime to profess faith in Christ.

"How does God view that when he looks at America and he goes, 'Wow, everyone's going to go to (church) because Hillsong's going to be there, Tim Keller's going to be there? And he goes to the other side other world and he goes, 'Oh, we're going to actually come into the presence of God and just pray or just take communion," Chan said.

"It's not about you," he added.

Chan challenged Christians to read through Revelations with fresh eyes.

"Read through Revelation today and do something. Figure it out. Repent like it was a serious warning...a serious warning. Read the book of Revelation. We have an opportunity right now at this time in history. I am so pumped about it but it's time to change the church," he said. "This is real. We are going to see him.""

Chan told to Relevant what has to be the church' focus: " "We are supposed to be producing men and women who love the person of Jesus deeply. There should be people walking out of our gatherings, and all they can talk about is Jesus and their intimacy with Him. And I’m not hearing that in the Church. I’m not hearing, Oh, I love Jesus. I was alone with Jesus this morning and the power of the Holy Spirit is flowing through me.” I don’t hear about that. And that’s a big problem.

And the other thing is that we’re not hearing about these churches where the people are deeply in love with one another. And Jesus says, “This is how the world is going to know that you’re My disciples is your love for one another.” That’s what the Church was supposed to be."

I think we’ve neglected the holiness of God and prioritizing Him. In other words we’ve started to create this man-centered church and man-centered theology.

The Church exists to please Him, not us. And we’ve lost that. We have become consumer- driven and in our heart to be compassionate toward people, we’ve forgotten that God’s Word should just really be so far above everyone else’s opinion and everyone else’s feelings. And it’s gotten to the point where we think about what people want more than what God wants."

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