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Sep 14, 2018 by Rik Bokelman

Baptist Pastor Writes Brutally Honest Blog: "It's Time To Admit We Just Hate Eachother"

A Baptist pastor has said in an inspiring blog that Americans divided by politics and theology need to simply admit that they simply hate one another.

Mike Leake, Lead Pastor of First Baptist Church of Marionville, MO, noted on his blog earlier this week: 

"Are you a Democrat? A Republican? Something in between? Are you a Calvinist? An Arminian? Or some hybrid of both of them? Are you a social justice warrior? Are you one who believes social justice issues are going a bit too far? Or are you confused and not really sure where you belong?" 

"Do you wear Nike or burn them?"

"In our day and age it doesn't matter much — pick a side, be outraged by something," he continued.

That being said, this all means "we hate one another."

"Let's just be honest and confess that our fruits are evidence that we hate one another. I know as Christians we don't like to admit that because we know hatred isn't one of the fruits of the spirit. And I know that we've got a tendency to try to mask it as something else like righteous indignation and fighting for the truth."

"But we aren't going to be healed of trying to bring in the kingdom through rage, if we don't admit what is actually going on in our hearts. And let's admit that this isn't okay for us as believers in Jesus. And let's come to Christ for the covering and redemption He provides and set out again to truly love our neighbors."

"I'm convinced that we truly hate one another. And maybe we hate one another because we've forgotten the Gospel. We've forgotten how much Jesus has covered us. And we've forgotten that the Cross also means that God is absolutely just."

"We don't have to fight with ungodly weapons to preserve our cherished positions."

"We are free to love."

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