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Sep 26, 2018 by Marina

Everything Donald Trump Has Touched 'Turned To Gold', Michele Bachmann Explains

Michele Bachmann explains why everything the American president has touched 'turned to gold'. She said that God works through Donald Trump even if the Almighty doesn't "approve" of him, the Huff Post reports.

“We are in the golden time,” proclaimed former Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) in an interview at the Values Voter Summit over the weekend in Washington. “We don’t want to blow this. We don’t want to blow this!” 

A member of President Donald Trump’s Evangelical Advisory Board, Bachmann said she believes that due to Trump, “on every metric” America has experienced “blessings” that are “without parallel.” In the interview at the annual conference of evangelicals organized by the anti-LGBTQ Family Research Council, she elaborated on her assertion.

“For men, for women, for young people, for blacks, for Hispanics, we’ve never had it better economically,” she said. “We’ve never had it better on a foreign policy level. We’ve never had a more pro-life president, a more pro-Israel president.”

Man of faith
Nor has there been a chief executive “who cares [more] about the religious liberty,” Bachmann, a featured speaker at the values summit, said in the interview, which aired on SiriusXM Progress.

At the same gathering last year, Bachmann explained in an interview how Trump had become a “man of faith” who “asked God for help and for wisdom.”

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