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Oct 01, 2018 by Marina

Israel Houghton And His Wife Release a Music Video About Finding Freedom in God

Israel Houghton and his wife, Adrienne, released a music video together called "Secrets", The Christian Post reports. The relationship of Houghton and his wife was riddled with scandal when the couple first came together in 2016. Their new music video gives people an insight to what they had to overcome.

Directed by actress Megan Good, "Secrets" takes viewers on a journey through the odds the Houghtons had to defy to get to their new-found freedom in truth and love together as husband and wife. Filmed at the couple's Beverly Hills mansion, the couple are seen attending a masquerade ball. The masks on the guests signify the fake personas everyone puts on to cover up their secrets.

Adrienne is the only person wearing white at the elaborate party and as she passes through the crowd everyone gives her mean looks as they gossip. When Israel sees her, he's noticeably intrigued. After playing a game of cat and mouse, the pair eventually come together and remove their masks.

They leave the ball together and end up walking out of a cave and onto a beach. The premise of the song is that God loves them despite their secrets and helps bring true freedom to those who think they have to wear a mask.

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