Elyse Murphy


Oct 02, 2018 by Marina

Elyse Murphy Talks All Things Setbacks and Little Rascals

Elyse Murphy, pastor at Oasis Church in LA, recently started a vlog series on Youtube. And we are loving it. She is real, she is passionate, she is vulnerable. In this Q&A she shares all things setbacks and the Little Rascals.

"Our identity lies in more than what we have been through. I'm answering your questions that have been coming in! There were so many questions (thank you so much!) that I have complied some questions together to answer several in one, and I have also split the video into 2 sections - this is the first part of the Q+A!"

The link to part 2 is: https://youtu.be/REpopFyAXCI

To make it easier for you to circle back to a certain question, here is the time stamps of the answers:
1. Which Little Rascals character do you identify with most and why? (0min 39sec)
2. I would love to know more about what you physically did to heal? I went through a breakup and I’m not over it, but I want to be. (1min 18sec)
3. How do you trust God in bad times, especially when you don’t feel like you deserve help? How do you trust He will work something good from something really bad? (5min 56sec)
4. What are the top 3 methods you use to center yourself during difficult times? (6min 39sec)
5. How do we handle triggers after a heartbreak or setback (7min 25sec)

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