Oct 04, 2018 by Dick

The Emerging Breed Of Pioneers And Reformers

"Through prayer and seeking God, I have become convinced that there is an emerging breed of pioneers and reformers coming forth in the earth right now that are pursuing God at such an accelerated pace, that they can't find a spiritual father/mother that understands them within 100 miles of where they live if they tried", prophet Jeremiah Johnson says.

"Some of them can't even find a church in their entire city that's fiery in the place of prayer and ready to see the kingdom of God break into their region and midst. This emerging breed of pioneers and reformers are surrounded by business as usual models of church in their current towns and cities and church leaders who treat their calling like a 9-5 job.

The fire and passion for Jesus Christ that these emerging pioneers and reformers carry continually exposes the dryness of the religion around them. This rising breed of leader has caught and is currently catching hold of the revelation that their radical fire can only be stewarded by radical accountability.

In the spirit realm, I am beginning to see desperation manifest in the hearts of this emerging breed of pioneers and reformers, as many of them will literally quit their jobs and move halfway across the United States, simply to connect with a spiritual mother/father that is running after God with all their might. They are asking themselves, "Where are the church leaders who are burning for a Third Great Awakening in America? Where are the mothers and fathers calling the prayer meetings and actually attending and leading them?" Ultimately, the emerging breed of pioneers and reformers are searching for secure fathers/mothers that will give them permission to burn for Christ and offer loving correction and discipleship where needed. This emerging breed is not rebellious or prideful, they are just desperate for more of Jesus and will pay any price to encounter Him in more intimate ways.

I believe because what I am saying is true, we will begin to see two things unfold now and in the days ahead:

1. Increased tension between these emerging pioneers and reformers and religious leaders who do not understand their fire and passion. This rising breed of leaders will constantly be wrongly labeled rebellious and prideful by those walking in a Saul spirit of insecurity and jealousy who have lost the fresh anointing of the Holy Spirit. I see great wounding and pain being inflicted upon these emerging pioneers and reformers as they are destined to have the scars of religion, but the healing balm of God the Father upon them.

2. Where there are spiritual mothers/fathers (regardless of their age) who are burning with the Holy Ghost and fire, they will attract this emerging breed of pioneers and reformers from the four corners of the United States because they will give other's permission to burn, not stomp out their fire. To those who are ready to father/mother and stoke the fire of this rising breed of leaders, you will have your hands full in the best of ways!

I see a mass migration taking place all over the United States. This emerging breed of pioneers and reformers (young and old) are about to move geographically to cities and regions where there are mothers/fathers hungry to train, equip, correct, love, and release them.

I see rising reformers and pioneers who have tremendous gifts, but are stuck in a religious environment that is suffocating and constricting them rather than empowering and releasing them.

I see spiritual mothers and fathers who are about to have the time of their life pouring into this emerging breed of reformers and pioneers. They will not see gifted leaders as a threat, but rather as a tremendous asset to the kingdom of God.

Now is the time to SHIFT! Are you ready?"

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