Walmart Receipt (Facebook)


Oct 09, 2018 by Alyssa Duvall

What This Walmart Manager Did When She Tried To Buy Clothes For Hurricane Victims Will Melt Your Heart

After Hurricane Florence soaked and shredded the Carolinas, many residents are surviving in shelters in desperate need of food, clothing, and more. Shelli Tench, of North Carolina, visited her local Walmart store with these needs in mind, but the actions of the store's manager-on-duty were nothing she could possibly have expected.

Tench found out that T-shirts and underwear were the greatest needs at the shelter she was hoping to bless, located in Garner Magnet High School. Having only $50 to spend, Shelli went to the manager, Jeff, hoping to get a discount for the cause. Read her Facebook post describing the event to see what happened next!

What a blessing in such a time of need!

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