Oct 10, 2018 by Alyssa Duvall

VIDEO: Tori Kelly on Trusting God's Plan For Your Dreams

In a new "White Chair Film" video spot from Christian organization I Am Second, Grammy Award nominee and singer Tori Kelly reveals how the key to God opening doors in her life was to surrender and trust Him and His plans. Watch the inspiring video at the end of this article.

"...All these things I consider as loss compared to knowing Jesus Christ," Kelly said, recalling the tremendous impact Philippians 3:7-8 had on her life. "I don't believe that every single day wholeheartedly, but that, I think, is the goal is to really look at my life and be like, OK, if all of this went away, would I still be OK with just Jesus and all of the things that He offers? And I would say yes, I would be OK because He’s just, He’s everything. Through Christ, I can just be myself and just be surrounded by his love."

In 2016, Kelly was nominated for the Grammy award for Best New Artist and is known to many Americans as the beautiful voice of several memorable Nationwide commercials. Their children, however, will recall her as the voice of Meena the elephant in the hit movie "Sing".

In her white chair film, Kelly describes the pain of rejection by record company executives for being too reserved and quiet, instead wanting her to show off an “outgoing, bubbly personality” which “I didn't have.” Instead, she seeks to encourage girls “be the girl that God uniquely made as you, and you don't have to compare yourself to anybody.”

Watch Kelly's empowering testimony in the video below!

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