Oct 17, 2018 by Alyssa Duvall

Christian Doctor Wins Supreme Court Victory After Refusing To Offer Abortifacient Birth Control In Norway

In a tremendous victory for religious liberty on Thursday, Norway's highest court vindicated Dr. Katarzyna Jachimowicz and ruled that she has the right to refuse to implant IUD birth control devices which act as abortifacients. Dr. Jachimowicz is Catholic and was fired from the General Practitioner Clinic in Sauherad in 2015 after her following her convictions and refusing to implant such a device.

While Norwegian law had previously protected the rights of doctors regarding abortion and abortifacient birth control, a new rule was introduced in 2015 allowing doctors to object to providing abortions, but not other "procedures which can have the same result."

Jachimowicz and her lawyer, Håkon Bleken, argued that international law still protects the rights of health care providers who object to abortifacient drugs and procedures on conscientious or religious grounds. The oral arguments in the case were heard by the nation's Supreme Court in August of this year.

According to The Christian Post, the Supreme Court not only ruled in Jachimowicz's favor, it also awarded her the equivalent of about $300,000 in compensation from the loss of her job.

Bleken hailed the ruling as "step in the right direction" for doctors and a victory for "people of faith in all professions."

"The ruling protects one of the most fundamental rights," he added, "the right to act in accordance with one's deeply held beliefs."

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