Oct 18, 2018 by Alyssa Duvall

VIDEO: This Little Boy Prayed For His Dad To Come Home From The Navy, "God Listened!"

After finally being allowed to return home from military service overseas, Navy E-6 MA1 Jose Nunez planned a heartwarming homecoming surprise for his sons, whom he hadn't seen in a year, at their school.

When the big day finally came, Nunez's 7-year-old, Jean-Paul, was in a hallway with classmates. "Papi, do you remember everything we've been praying for lately?" his mother, Ximena Nunez asked. 

"Daddy," Jean-Paul said, smiling.

"For Daddy to come home? Well, guess what?" Ximena said. "God listened!"

Watch what happened next, and have a tissue ready, in the video below!

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