Oct 19, 2018 by Alyssa Duvall

Ray Ortlund: Paul Didn't "Unhitch" Christian Faith From The Old Testament

At The Gospel Coalition's West Coast Conference on Tuesday, Pastor Ray Ortlund rebutted megachurch pastor Andy Stanley's call to "unhitch" Christianity from its own Old Testament. Ortlund cited 2 Timothy 1:3-8 in which the Apostle Paul highlighted his religious heritage through Judaism.

"Paul looks back into his own deepest roots. He goes back to David, to Moses, to Abraham. He reveres the faith that came down to him even filtered through Jewish tradition," said Ortlund, who serves as senior pastor of Immanuel Church in Nashville, Tennessee, and the president of Renewal Ministries.

"Unlike some preachers today, Paul did not 'unhitch' the Christian faith from the Old Testament," he added, in a clear allusion to Stanley's comments. "And for him personally, Christian conversion did not take his Jewishness away. It made Jesus the Lord over his Jewishness and over his conscience, both of which, he continues to honor."

The concept of "unhitching" stems from a controversial sermon Stanley preached back in April, expressing concern that certain challenging passages in the Old Testament might cause Christians to lose their faith. He argued that the early church demonstrated a need to move past the Old Testament scriptures for the sake of gentiles to join and that preaching the resurrection of Jesus was enough.

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