Oct 22, 2018 by Alyssa Duvall

Pastor Tommy Nelson's Wisdom On Depression, Anxiety, Medication

Ahead of hosting a conference this past weekend to help others achieve mental health success using "biblical principles and practical truth," Texas megachurch pastor Tommy Nelson shared his own personal wisdom on the synergism of faith and medicine in the treatment of depression and anxiety.

Nelson, who serves the Denton Bible Church, hosted "The Journey Through Depression and Anxiety," event at Mclean Bible Church in Vienna, Virginia, on Friday night and Saturday morning.

In an interview with Fox News Radio, Nelson, 68, offered tremendous insight on the issue based on his own struggles with mental health: "Depression and anxiety are two sides of the same coin. Sometimes one will have more of this or more of that, but they both come from the premise of the same reason."

Nelson suffered several instances of physical pain after panic and anxiety attacks, each time landing in the hospital. After scoffing at several suggestions to treat with medication, Nelson eventually found his way out of depression and anxiety with the help of medication and counseling.

Before his own diagnosis, Nelson said he would counsel members of his church to simply read their Bibles in the midst of an anxiety attack:

"I would say 'just read your Bible' and 'you need to quit worrying about stuff. You need to relax.' I wouldn't scorn you but I would treat it simply as something that you've worked yourself into. I was not aware of the difference between being anxious about something or worried and having clinical chronic anxiety."

Now, Nelson says he embraces medication for mental illness the same way he would embrace medication for heart disease or diabetes, all while still trusting in God for peace and strength:

"There is no antipathy between medicine and between prayer and seeking God through it all to lead you through it."

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