Oct 24, 2018 by Alyssa Duvall

Joshua Harris Pulls And Apologizes For Courtship Book "I Kissed Dating Goodbye"

Joshua Harris, the young author of 1997's hit book on biblical courtship I Kissed Dating Goodbye, released a statement on his decision to discontinue the book's publication and apologizing for its "flawed" message.

"I no longer agree with its central idea that dating should be avoided," Harris wrote. "I now think dating can be a healthy part of a person developing relationally and learning the qualities that matter most in a partner."

"In light of the flaws I now see in I Kissed Dating Goodbye, I think it's best to discontinue its publication, as well other supplemental resources tied to it (this includes the two books I wrote after it whose content is similar)," Harris continued. "My publisher, whose encouragement in this process has been deeply meaningful to me, supports this decision and will not reprint the books after the current copies in their inventory are sold."

I Kissed Dating Goodbye was written in 1997, when Harris was only 20 years old and had not yet been in a dating relationship. It focuses on the problems with modern "recreational dating", offering "courtship" the biblical alternative.

Traditional dating, the book says, is "a training ground for divorce" as it releases people from commitment and normalizes quitting relationships when things don't go right. The book also urges single Christians live in "purposeful singleness" as romantic relationships should only be entered into as preparation for marriage.

In his statement, Harris explained that he first began "re-evaluating the book" two years ago. An upcoming documentary called I Survived I Kissed Dating Goodbye, expected to be released next year, documents the evolution of his beliefs on the matter.

"I know this apology doesn't change anything for you and it's coming too late," Harris' statement concluded, "but I want you to hear that I regret any way that my ideas restricted you, hurt you, or gave you a less-than-biblical view of yourself, your sexuality, your relationships, and God."

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