Oct 30, 2018 by Shehera Vega Sánchez

Mom Finally Reunites With Her Abducted Son After 31 Years

31 Years ago the son of Lyneth Mann got abducted by his dad in Canada. The boy was only two years old at the time. Lyneth had just divorced her husband, when one day he took his kid with him and never returned. The Canadian police everywhere for the boy, but the didn't find anything. For years Lyneth's son, Jermain, lived with his dad under a false name in the USA.

Last week, however, Lyneth's ex got arrested for travelling without documents. Not only did police discover his true identity, they also found out that Jermain was still around. Jermain was now a full-grown man of 33 years old.

During a press conference in Toronto Lyneth expressed her joy about the events of the past few days. Even though she never lost hope, she was shocked when she heard her baby boy finally had resurfaced. "It had been a long and difficult journey since my son got abducted 31 years ago," she said full of emotions. "I've had to got through horrible days. Words just can't describe how thankful I am at this moment!"

The mother and her son got reunited in the States. They spend some good quality time together,  they talked a lot and Lyneth even cooked a nice meal for Jermain. Her plans are to visit her son more often.

Jermain's dad got arrested and has to appear before a judge soon.

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