Oct 31, 2018 by Shehera Vega Sánchez

Model Kate Wasley: 'Instagram isn’t real life!'

Model Kate Wasley made a powerful statement last Monday. The Sports Illustrated-model posted an Airbrush-video on her Instagram account, along with a clear message: "Instagram isn’t real life!"

The video shows how Kate's body is altered and how all of her, so called, 'imperfections' get taken out. "It takes so little time to alter a photo & so little time to compare yourself to the altered reality we constantly see on Instagram," the plus-size model write. "It might be photoshop, it might be a pose, it might be that the person your comparing yourself to is a completely different build &body type to you. When you compare yourself to someone online you’re probably thinking of yourself at your worst & you’re comparing that to someone’s best fragments of their life that they choose to share with the world. Everyone compares them selves in one way or another but so often it isn’t a fair fight. Instagram isn’t real life."

A bold and beautiful statement that hopefully will speak to the hearts of girls and woman all over the world.

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