Nov 02, 2018 by Shehera Vega Sánchez

Breast Cancer Survivor Gets Beautiful Mastectomy Tattoo

In the summer of 2015 Kim got the news that she had cancer. Both of her breast had to be amputated. The cancer seemed to have disappeared. Six months later however, doctors found lumps in her chest. Once again, Kim got diagnosed with cancer.

In order to process this traumatic experience, Kim made the decision to get a mastectomy tattoo. "You never can go back to the way things were before," she explains in a gripping video from As/Is. "You live your life and one day everything changes. This artwork is a step towards a normal life. A step to create a new normal, because things are not normal anymore."

The beautiful tattoo consists of flowers and butterflies. A conscious choice of Kim. "Whenever I had really bad days I used to see a butterfly," she tells. "Butterflies remind me of my grandma. So when I saw these butterflies it was as if my grandma told me everything was gonna be okay."

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