Nov 02, 2018 by Shehera Vega Sánchez

2-Year-Old Boy Loses His Arms And Legs Because Of Rare Bacteria

On September 29 the 2-year-old Jeremiah Cox got a fever and started throwing up. His parents, Ashley (19) and Nicholas (21), took him to the hospital. The symptoms of the little guy worsened. A rare bacteria almost cost him his life. The family has started fundraising to support the parents and their kids financially.

When Jeremiah arrived in the hospital, purple bruises started appearing all over his body. An unknown bacteria caused his body to die. The doctors put him on antibiotics and saved his life. Sadly, the blood supply to his limbs had already stopped. Doctors had no other option than to amputate his arms and legs.

Nothing is the same
Ashley and Nicholas are extremely grateful their son has survived the horrible incident, but they also know nothing will ever be the same. "I think he really recognizes that everything's gone," Thompson said in the Daily Mail. "At this point, now he realizes his life has changed."

To finance everything the family of Ashley and Nicholas put up a fundraiser page. "Bills don’t pause," they write. "They need to be there for their babies, and we need to be there for them. Who knows when they will both be able to go back to work? Do for others what you’d want to be done for you, and keep praying. Thank you."

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