Nov 08, 2018 by Shehera Vega Sánchez

Boyfriend Pops The Big Question During Girlfriend's First NYC Marathon

Kaitlyn Curran ran the New York City Marathon last Sunday. Her boyfriend, Dennis Galvin, was cheering her on from the sideline. When Kaitlyn passed him, he had a huge surprise for her.

Kaitlyn had just passed the 16 miles when her boyfriend suddenly jumped over the fence, went on one knee and popped her the big question. According to his cousin, Kathleen Figueroa, Dennis was quite nervous beforehand. Luckily Kaitlyn said 'yes.' "She cried a little bit, said yes, hugged him and then said 'OK, I have to go finish my race,'" Figueroa told CBS News.

Kathleen proceeded the marathon with a ring on her finger and a big smile on her face. She finished in little less than four and a half hours.

How Twitter Got Upset
Not everybody was charmed by Dennis's proposal. People came to Twitter to express their discontent. They think Dennis should've waited with his plan until the end of the marathon.

Others are just happy for the couple. "Maybe he just knew that the time wasn't that big a deal to her and she loved him, so she said "Yes" and that's all there is to it," one of the Twitter users said. "Seems like some people who aren't married are getting well upset about these two people being busy with their awful happiness." And we couldn't agree more.

After Kaitlyn crossed the finish line, the couple happily celebrated their engagement. "They're both very happy," said Figueroa, "We can't wait for the wedding."

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