Nov 12, 2018 by Shehera Vega Sánchez

Dad Writes Emotional Letter After He Lost His Wife And Now His Daughter

It was a tragic weekend for the dad of Lucy Moroney. Six years after the death of his wife, the Brittish dad has now also lost his daughter. He wrote an emotional letter on Facebook in honor of his little girl.

About a year ago, doctors discovered a tumor in Lucy's brain which they couldn't remove. Her dad didn't want to give up hope and traveled to Mexico to get Lucy treated by specialists. Sadly, the drastic measures didn't brighten Lucy's future. Last Friday she passed away due to her illness.

"Lucy, when you were born almost 11 years ago," he writes. "Mummy and I (mainly Mummy) chose your name, knowing the meaning of it was light. Your light burnt very brightly my darling." It hasn't been the first loss in the Moroney family. Six years earlier Lucy's mom died when she was 24 weeks pregnant.

"Having witnessed Mummy and your sister Ruby take their last breaths six years ago, it was traumatic and heart-breaking once again to witness you do the same, even with nearly 16 months advanced warning. But as painful as it was to experience, I wouldn’t have chosen to be anywhere else my gorgeous baby. You were a dream daughter, absolute perfection. You were as good as gold, so caring, beautiful and with the most pure heart. You must have got that from your Mummy."

You were the best
"You were the best daughter, step daughter to Claire and big sister that Amy and Max could ever hope for. I never heard a bad word said about you and you made me so, so proud to be your Daddy. You never complained at all during your treatment and you amazed me with your strength, bravery and grace."

"You were beautiful inside and out, and I’m going to miss your beaming smile, your amazing sense of humour and your perfect sensitive soul. The world is a much worse place without you in it my baby, and I hope Mummy and Ruby are looking after you now."

"I love you Lucy Lu Lu. And I loved everything about you gorgeous. I’m sorry I couldn’t stop this disease from taking your life, I tried my best baby. I’ll never get over losing you, but I’ll also never get over loving you. If I had the chance to do it all again without being able to change the outcome, starting from when you were born, I wouldn’t hesitate, because you were perfection. I’ll miss you my beautiful princess and miss our special, special bond."

"Sleep tight my angel. I love you lots. Daddy x"

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