Nov 14, 2018 by Alyssa Duvall

The Truth Behind The Pastor Calling Out The Cross-Dresser In Church

In a now-viral video, Antonio Rocquemore, pastor of Power House International Ministries, was seen calling out a male cross-dresser in the congregation, telling him to "go put on man clothes.” Social media has since overflowed with comments on the incident, but now the Chicago pastor has come forward with some context for clarity.

“I hold a standard in here," Pastor Rocquemore said to the man in church. "Whatever you do on the outside is your business, but I will not let drag queens come in here."

While many decried Rocquemore for being "unChristlike" in his approach, he offered quite a bit of background information in a subsequent Facebook Live video.

The young man, Rocquemore explained, is not “a stranger off the street,” as many have suggested. He is actually a “full member” of the church. Several other claims assert that the man was permanently banned from the church and escorted out by security. Rocquemore said the man was asked to go change and come back, and that security was never deployed to deal with the incident.

Rocquemore continued to explain that when someone joins Powerhouse, all the rules of the church are explained to that person, and this young man was no exception.

According to Rocquemore, the young man told him that he wanted to “sit under a man” and be shown how to be a man. He agreed to follow the church's rules, including a reasonable dress code. Rocquemore also said he addressed the young man’s sin “several times in private" when he tried to "slip by" dressed as a woman. The young man was reportedly making progress, but he slipped again into cross-dressing. 

Rocquemore summarized the incident, saying, “He challenged me publicly. Now, I challenged him back publicly.” The pastor says he’s done everything he can to communicate and enforce the rules equally, including "calling out" members of his own family. “If you don’t like the rules of any house, don’t go there!” he concluded.

Watch the original video below and let us know what you think!

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