Nov 15, 2018 by Shehera Vega Sánchez

Scientists Discover Gigantic Crater Buried Beneath An Icecap In Greenland

Danish scientist made an incredible discovery in Greenland. They found a gigantic crater underneath a big icecap. According to the team, it's an impact crater that came to existence less than 3 million years ago.

The Danish researchers first noticed the crater in Juli 2015, when they were studying measurements taken by NASA. Further investigation was necessary to confirm the existence of the crater. The crater is about 1,000 feet deep, and 19 miles wide and was found under the Hiawatha Glacier, making it one of the bigger ones on earth.

"I think it is just super exciting that given this day and age, 2018, you can still go out in the world and see something that is so big, that nobody has seen before," project leader and professor, Kurt Kjær said to "The world’s surface has been surveyed forth and back with all kinds of things, satellites or whatever, but you can still go out and make such a discovery. I think if I was a young scientist or person wanting to do science, I would say, wow, the age of discovery is still honorable."

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