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Nov 15, 2018 by Alyssa Duvall

Francis Chan: "No Soul Is Too Far Gone"

In a powerfully authentic and profound editorial for, acclaimed author and pastor Francis Chan offers readers the encouraging reminder that no soul is too far gone that God can't shine His light into their darkness.

"Everything changed," Pastor Chan said, likening God's illuminating gift of faith to a flashlight in a pitch-dark cave. "Darkness was gone, and the cave was visible and beautiful." This miracle is beautifully described by Paul in 2 Corinthians 4 as he explains how we walk in total spiritual darkness until, in His perfect timing, God shines light into a our hearts and causes us to instantly see the beauty of the gospel. "No amount of human effort can produce this," Chan explains. "Salvation is a miracle of God."

But what about the people we love and pray for who remain resistant to the gospel? Any true Christian would say they believe that faith is a gift from God that only He can give, "but our actions betray us, revealing just how much we trust in people, speeches, and events," Chan says. And when these things fail to create faith in a stony heart, we give up and simply concede that this person must be too far gone for God to reach.

"On more than one occasion, people have begged me to speak to their lost friends, believing that my words would make the difference. Too often, I have granted their wish (rather than correcting their theology), and tried desperately to come up with the perfect words to talk their friends into falling in love with Jesus," he continues. "Do you see yet how ridiculous this is?"

In Luke 18, Jesus gives us the parable of the persistent widow to teach that we must "always to pray and not lose heart”. "God is not like us; he is not bothered by his children asking for the same thing over and over," Chan says, explaining the power of such persistent prayer. "He is pleased by the faith demonstrated when we pray and pray for someone to be saved."

2 Corinthians 4:4 tells us that Satan has blinded these people, and while we must continue in fervent prayer for them, we cannot simply make them believe. "Apart from God’s working, our begging someone to see the beauty of Christ is as pointless as begging a blind man to enjoy the beauty of a sunset," Chan explains.

Instead, we must direct our begging, first and foremost, to God.

"No soul is too far gone for God to bring back. No heart is too hard for God to soften. No son or daughter is too lost for God to rescue," Chan concludes. "Keep praying for God to do what only he can."

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