Nov 15, 2018 by Shehera Vega Sánchez

How It Feels To Lose A Parent To Cancer: 'I didn't want to say the truth out loud'

Dealing with the loss of your mom or dad never is easy. These four adults learned that the hard way. Every single one of them lost one of their parents to cancer at a young age. In this emotional Buzzfeed video, they openly speak about their grieving process. From the moment it became clear their parent would never recover to learning how to heal from their tragic loss.

"She was telling me about how she would have a lot less time as we originally thought. And the first thing I said was: 'Well, will you be there when I graduate from college?' That was six years from the time in which we were talking", one of the women says. "I remember she was like 'No, that's not..' And I could see that I wasn't getting it, but I didn't want to say the truth out loud."

A few months after this conversation her mom passed away, just two weeks before her sixteenth birthday. What followed was a period full of depression and anger. Looking back, however, she regrets the darkness she felt at that moment. "I wish that I had spoken up sooner," she explains. "Just said something to literally anyone. I can't count the countless hours that I spent alone, simply because I chose to do so, and I didn't have to."

"Now I'll have casual conversations and be like: 'Oh my gosh, my mom and I used to do that all the time!' - So it will be so second nature for me because I'm healing and because I like talking about her. I like sharing."

Watch their gripping stories below.

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