Nov 16, 2018 by Shehera Vega Sánchez

Daughter (2) Refuses To Walk; Dad Comes Up With A Hilarious Solution

We'll either do this the easy way or the hard way, Juliette's father must have thought. He was getting his groceries out of his car when his two-year-old daughter started lying down on the pavement and refused to walk. 

Instead of forcing his daughter into standing up, Juliette's dad just picked her up by her jacket and carried her around like a duffel bag. Juliette's mom filmed the entire episode, and it's hilarious!

"Juliette is a little girl who loves to laugh and make other laughs", she writes. "What's even funnier is that she is more than 3-feet-tall and over 37 pounds heavy and the jacket didn't break. She often does stuff like this and this is just how we love her."

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