Nov 20, 2018 by Shehera Vega Sánchez

This Toddler Accidentally Shredded His Parents Savings

Every one of us is a bit clumsy every now and then. This toddler from Salt Lake City however really pushed the limits when he accidentally shredded his parents' savings.

Ben and Jackee Belnap had saved up around $1.000, so they could pay back their mom for season Football tickets. "We pulled our money out to pay my mom for the season," Ben writes on Twitter. "Well, we couldn't find the envelope." The couple looked everywhere until Jackee checked the shredder. "Yup, the 2-year-old shredded $1.060."

Too bad for the Belnaps! Luckily they could laugh about the whole encounter after a while. Hopefully, they'll get the money back, one way or another.

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