Nov 20, 2018 by Alyssa Duvall

"Jesus Is Real": Viral Photo Shows Good Samaritan Saving Christmas At Walmart

The Christmas season is a time of joy, but for many, it becomes a time of hardship as purchasing gifts adds to the financial burden of increased heating bills and regular expenses on tight budgets. One anonymous woman, however, was an instrument of blessing at her local Walmart, and she had one simple message: "Jesus is real."

In a Facebook post published Saturday, Brittany Nichole Ramirez recounted how she had witnessed something at a Walmart in Tennessee that "brought tears to [her] eyes.

Ramirez explained that the two older women in the photo had been trying to purchase gifts for their grandchildren using layaway, but they didn't have enough to cover the initial payment and purchase needed medicine as well.

The women, which Ramirez said were sisters, changed their minds about the gifts and resigned to coming back to purchase them another time.

It's then that Ramirez said something incredible happened: another woman, shown in the photo with long, brown hair, “walked up to the cashier, and offered to pay their stuff in full so they can have Christmas for their grandchildren.”

This unexpected and heartwarming gesture brought the two women to tears, but what the Good Samaritan said next blew everyone away.

The sisters told her they had no idea how they could ever repay her, but Ramirez says she simply “put her arms around them, and said… ‘You don’t owe me anything. I’m just trying to live a life that shows people Jesus is alive, and He is real.’”

“Yall. I am so thankful I got to witness this,” Ramirez wrote.

This season, think of the ways, great or small, you might be a blessing in the lives of others to show them that Jesus is alive!

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