Joanna Gaines' Bathroom "Message To God" (Photo: Instagram)


Nov 22, 2018 by Alyssa Duvall

Her 8YO Daughter's Message To God Written In Joanna Gaines' Bathroom "Made Her Heart Stop"

Former "Fixer Upper" star and home decor and design muse Joanna Gaines shared an incredible incident that bolstered her faith in a beautiful way: her daughter's message to God scrawled on their bathroom vanity in purple Sharpie.

In a Saturday Instagram post, Gaines described the scene that unfolded after she discovered her 8-year-old daughter Emmie's graffiti: “Walked into Emmie’s bathroom this morning and my heart stopped for a second when I thought she had sharpied all over her vanity,” she wrote.

After the initial shock that would send most moms into a tizzy as they make a dash for a rag and rubbing alcohol, Gaines said she “took a moment and really read what she wrote…”

“Hi God what are you doing?” Emmie's note read.

“‘Well that isn’t the worst thing to be permanent,’” Gaines thought to herself, though the message turned out to be erasable (whew!)

It was then that the mom of five took a minute to think about her daughter's motives and enjoy a moment of insight into her precious heart:

“I stared at her question and loved the thought of it and that that’s how she talks to God. May her faith always stay childlike and may I remember what she seems to already know. That God is the most relational and the most kind, and always near.”

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