Nov 23, 2018 by Alyssa Duvall

Are You Destroying The Church? Hear This Hard, But Crucial Message From Francis Chan

We won't shy away from it, and there's no avoiding it: until Christ returns for his spotless bride, sin will exist within the church. Most commonly our sins are by our words, not so much our deeds, as gossip and division continue their centuries-long plague of the body of Christ. The question is, are you doing your part to destroy sin, or destroy the church? These may seem like hard, harsh words, but author and pastor Francis Chan breaks down this crucial Kingdom message in the short video below, and we all need to hear it:

"There is this terrifying verse in 1 Timothy where Paul talked about two men who rejected the faith. Paul said that he had handed them over to Satan, by which he meant that he'd put them outside of the church," Chan explains.

"Basically, these men were actively opposing the works of God, so rather than pretending everything was fine, Paul removed them from the safety and blessings of the fellowship of believers," he continued. "He was hoping that the misery of being separated from the church would lead them to repent."

"Are you catching the weight of this? Paul equated removal from the church with being handed over to Satan! It is crazy to me that we live in a time when people are voluntarily doing this to themselves! No church has placed them outside of the fellowship; instead, they've handed themselves over to Satan!"

Holding the truth of the universal Church in mind, we know that God has fit believers together in a temple of God which transcends history and geography. But Chan gives the startling example of the divisive or disobedient person taking a sledgehammer to this temple. With this illustration in mind, we can better understand why Scripture says, "Warn a divisive person once, and then warn them a second time. After that, have nothing to do with them" (Titus 3:10, NIV).

"Jesus said that the world would see the supernatural unity and love we share in the church and believe in Him through that," Chan added. As the body and bride of Christ, we strive to be, and will eventually become, vessels of God's amazing love, unity, and blessing, but as we continue to be sanctified and refined in the fire, our sin painfully obstructs that goal.

The result? Division.

"Many are having a hard time finding that, so they're setting off on their own." This is incredibly dangerous. It's how discord is sown, cults are formed, and the witness of the church is further eroded before the eyes of the lost.

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