Nov 27, 2018 by Shehera Vega Sánchez

People Are Sharing Hilarious Pictures Of Their Great Danes

With his weight and size, it's nearly impossible to call a Great Dane a 'lapdog.' The big dogs often weigh 175-pounds and stand at least 30 inches from paw to shoulder. However, as big as they are in size, their cuteness is even bigger!

To prove this, BoredPanda collected hilarious pictures of our favorite Dogs.

Louis Made A New Friend

'I Trained My Great Dane To Take Selfies With Me - If I'm Sitting And Extend My Arm With My Phone In Hand, She Plops Up Next To Me, Leans, And Gives The Camera This Look'

Blind Great Dane Lily Has Her Own Seeing-Eye Dog Maddison Who Takes Her For Walks

I Have The Real Scooby Doo

My Graceful Great Dane Hendrix

Just Having A Small Talk About This And That

Settling In For Nap Time

Have You Seen My Ball?

This Is Why I Love Great Danes

14-Week-Old Great Dane Pup

Pippin, A Helpless Baby Fawn Was Abandoned By Her Mother. Great Dane Kate Adopted Pippin Immediately And They Have Been Best Friends Ever Since

This Dog Is Turning Into A Pancake

Cutest Great Dane Mom And Puppy Picture Ever

She Firmly Believes She's A Lap Dog

Pictures: BoredPanda

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