Nov 28, 2018 by Alyssa Duvall

PHOTO: Joanna Gaines' Sons Pull The Best Chip-Like Pranks On Their Mom

Why was Chip And Joanna Gaines’ “Fixer Upper” such a massively successful show? Well, of course the rustic dream houses brought to life before our eyes were the main attraction, but the Christian couple’s incredible sense of humor—which has apparently not skipped a generation in their family—was a bonus.

It’s that tastefully childish (in a good way) sense of humor that we all got to enjoy after Joanna shared the latest prank her older sons, Drake and Duke Gaines, pulled on her.

Enjoy? Excuse me, I mean die laughing.

At first, Jo’s latest Instagram post looks like yet another Pinterest-worthy shot of their beautiful farmhouse. A wooden bench sits below a whitewashed, wreath-adorned mirror, and simple shelves with rearrangeable letter tiles adorn the entryway’s clean, white shiplap walls.

And then, you notice it. The letters, what they spell out. Swallow your coffee first so you don’t spit it out from laughing!

The delightfully DIY sign is likely most often used to spell out sweet or inspiring messages such as “Gather here with thankful hearts,” a nod to Acts 2:46.

After the Gaines boys got to it, however, it now encourages visitors and members of the home to “gather here with thank_ul farts.”

Joanna, who has demonstrated her patience and ability to laugh at herself right along with Chip and the family, captioned the photo, “well-played, boys.”

Honestly, knowing her family’s Bart Simpson-esque tendencies to play fun pranks, Joanna was probably not surprised at all by the sign. In fact, previous Instagram posts show the creative sign being humorously used to support her after the launch of her latest home decor book, “Homebody”.

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Sweet kids getting their mama pumped for next week's book launch 😍 #homebodydesignbook

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If these hilariously heartwarming peeks into the Gaines’ life make you miss “Fixer Upper”, rejoice! The couple recently announced that they are set to return to TV with their very own network. We can’t wait!

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