Nov 28, 2018 by Alyssa Duvall

She Used To Manage Planned Parenthood, Then The Church "Saved Her Life"

Sue Thayer, a former Planned Parenthood clinic manager and Christian mother of five, shared in a touching interview with the Christian Post about the love of a pro-life evangelical church that empowered her to give up her lucrative career working for the abortion industry.

Thayer began working at Planned Parenthood back in 1991. The pay was great, and she thought she was making a difference and "helping women." Within a month of working there, she was sent to train at an "abortion unit," she says. “I really wasn’t prepared for what I saw and experienced,” she said, wondering why she didn't quit right then and there after seeing the horrific practices of surgical abortion.

Instead, she stuck to working with Planned Parenthood’s family-planning programs at a facility that, at that time, did not perform abortions.

Everything changed, however, in 2007 when her clinic instituted telemedicine abortions at her facility. The procedure, also known as “webcam abortion,” involves a woman going into a Planned Parenthood clinic and taking abortion-inducing pills while the doctor directs and monitors the process via a webcam rather than in person. Thayer’s clinic, for example, performed webcam abortions with doctors as far away as Des Moines, 150 miles away.

“[N]onmedical staff like myself and my employees that I had hired would be doing transvaginal ultrasounds, which are an invasive procedure. We were going to be doing those after only a single day of training,” Thayer recalled, explaining the highly questionable safety of such procedures. “I kept asking my boss if this was even legal. They were like, ‘Our I’s are dotted and our T’s are crossed, nothing will stop us.’"

"I would question the wisdom or the legality or the ethics of having a nonmedical person doing an invasive procedure," she added. "They just said, ‘If you are breathing, you can do it and if you can play a video game, it is a lot like running a joystick.’ I was really concerned about that.”

Most surprisingly, Thayer grew up in and attended a large denominational church and attending that church for most of her life, including during her Planned Parenthood career.

“[W]e had a pastor that was very comfortable with abortion and my job there. I had one of the pastors there say, ‘When you start doing abortions, can I come down and escort the women in?’ I thought, ‘Aren’t you supposed to be on the other side?’” Thayer recalled, noting the mixed messages of support and condemnation she'd received from various pastors at her church.

After struggling with unexpected tragedy in her life, Thayer says she experimented with an upbeat, contemporary nondenominational megachurch, only to be harshly turned away when they discovered her employer, which left her feeling "devastated."

It was then that she turned to the small nondenominational Faith Bible Christian Outreach Center in Storm Lake, a church which she remembered from protests outside her clinic.

“They are all about the Gospel and loving people,” Thayer said of this church's gentler approach to her. “They welcomed me and really saved my life. God used them and Christian radio to save my life.”

“When I told my pastor and the board what was going on they were supportive [of me]. I was a single mom and had all these kids, and if I lose my job I will never find any place else where I get paid like that,” she explained.

“They were telling me that God will provide and I need to leave that to Him. He has. He has been very faithful to not only meet our needs but just provide everything. I am just very thankful to Him for His faithfulness to see us through.”

Thayer eventually submitted to her convictions and entered into pro-life activism. She went on to found the Cornerstone For Life Pregnancy Resource Center in Storm Lake, a crisis pregnancy center that offers free ultrasounds, pregnancy testing, and helps young, single mothers find employment, transportation, and housing.

God certainly has provided for Thayer in her obedience! In December, she will officially begin working as the new director of outreach for 40 Days for Life, a national grassroots pro-life organization that holds nationwide campaigns.

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