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Dec 04, 2018 by Alyssa Duvall

WATCH: This Baby Boy's Mom Abandoned Him At The Hospital, But God Stepped In

How would you like to go into work today and end up adopting a child? If you’re a bank teller or an auto mechanic, that might seem like a pretty startling thing to encounter during your average shift. If you’re a nurse, however, you know nothing is ever “average” about any given shift, especially when you’re an ER nurse in San Bernardino like Joshua Kohls, who began an incredible new chapter in his life when a newborn baby boy was abandoned at the hospital shortly after birth.

“When he called to tell me that there was a baby left at the hospital, it was heartbreaking,” Joshua’s wife Robin recalled. Watch their heartwarming story in the video released by San Bernardino County at the end of this article!

In 2016, a precious, healthy baby boy named Logan was born in the labor and delivery unit of the hospital where Joshua works. When his mother, whose name has not been released, went outside to smoke a cigarette, Kohls says she never returned.

At first, when Robin got the call from Joshua, she thought the situation was “crazy,” but shares in the video that she "couldn't sleep, I couldn't cope with it… It just sat on my heart.”

“We prayed about it, and if it’s meant to be, we’re gonna leave it up to God,” Joshua said, recalling decision to email little Logan’s social worker in the hospital in hopes of fostering to adopt.

Two days later, God made his next big move in uniting Logan to the Kohls family, Robin said. “To this day, i still have the voicemail saying, ‘we’re releasing him to you guys! Come to the hospital and come get him.’”

"I saw him and knew right then that he was going to be mine, and I was going to be part of his life,” Robin said, explaining her love for this baby boy at first sight. "Every night from that moment on, I would take him to bed and tell him, 'I am so lucky to have you. I'm so lucky God put you in our life.’”

Robin and Joshua’s incredible love, from day one, for this little baby boy was as strong as if they’d brought him into the world themselves. "I will love him until the day I die, even if he doesn’t know who I am,” Robin said of the beginning of their fostering journey. “Right now, you’re with us, and I want you to know what love is."

At that time, baby Logan’s future with the Kohls was still uncertain. Would he be placed in another home? Would another family seek to adopt him? In spite of this, Robin had such peace, telling the little boy every night that, if God saw fit to take him away from their family, she wanted him to know and "look at the stars every night and think, ‘there’s one person in this world that loves me.’”

Fast-forward to 2018, and you’ll find the Kohls family experiencing one of the happiest days of their life in, of all places, the San Bernardino County courthouse.

“Today means so much," the couple said through tears in joyful unison. It was the day Logan finally, legally, became a Kohls. “It means that he’s forever going to be ours.”

“Even though he’s been ours in our heart, he’s been ours in our love,” Robin describes the day of Logan’s legal adoption as her “birth day” with him after “laboring with him” through two years of fostering.

Even Joshua and Robin’s young, biological son and daughter know how special that day is to the family. If you ask them, Robin says, they’ll tell you “today is the day we’re gonna adopt Logan and make him ours forever”

God tells us in his Word how much he cares for little ones and "the least of these" in society. Fostering and adopting is such a beautiful reflection of God’s love for the lost, the cast aside, the abandoned. We wish Logan and his family a blessed life together! Watch the Kohls’ amazing story in the video below!

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