Dec 06, 2018 by Shehera Vega Sánchez

Medical Milestone: Baby Girl Born After Womb Transplant From A Dead Donor

Science can be so incredible, in times it leaves us speechless. Such is the case here when a healthy baby girl was born in December of 2017 in Sã Paulo, Brasil, using a womb transplanted from a dead person, according to the BBC.

Medical Milestone
People are talking of a medical milestone, considering it's the first time doctors managed to get someone pregnant through this procedure. The mother, a 32-year-old psychologist, got born without a word. Her ovaries did work, so a team of specialist came up with an extraordinary solution.

During a ten-hour-long operation, the woman got a transplant operation. The womb donor was a 45-year-old mother of three who passed away due to bleeding on the brain. Luckily the body didn't reject the new organ. Within a few weeks the women's menstruation cycle started working again. Seven months later doctors implanted the fertilized eggs.

'This was the most important event in her life and she is so happy!'

The pregnancy went by without any complications, and after 35 weeks the joyful mom could hold her newborn baby girl in her arms. Seven months later, doctors, the little girl is developing normally, both her and her mom are doing well. The donated womb has been removed again.

"This was the most important event in her life," one of the doctors, Tommaso Falcone, said. "She just came in to show us the baby, and she is so happy!"

It hasn't been the first womb transplant ever to be done. There have been womb transplants using a live donor, which were sometimes successful. These surgeries, however, form a risk for living donors. Using wombs from dead donors would be the solution. The previous ten transplants sadly failed, making this baby girls birth the first one to succeed.

Amazing how even a wombless woman can receive the gift of having a baby girl. Thank God for this incredible new science!

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