Dec 12, 2018 by Shehera Vega Sánchez

#MyMentalStateIn5Words Wants People To Open Up About Their Feelings

Mental health has been one of the popular topics this past year. It has become more socially acceptable to talk about your burnout or admit to suffering from depression or anxiety.

Even though we opened up the conversation, most people still try to keep up the image that they're living a perfect life. The most obvious example is the way we display ourselves on social media. Our Facebook wall is full of happy pictures and big smiles, but won't let anybody get a glimpse of our bad moments.

This caught the attention of Twitter user Amanda Stafford. The 'Mental Health Advocate,' as she calls herself, decided to start #MyMentalStateIn5Words, a hashtag that encourages people to show their true selves. To show their sadness, loneliness or problems, because it's okay! Nobody's life is perfect all of the time.

hopeful, scared, happy and uncertain#MyMentalStateIn5Words

— yunxuan (@YunxuanHung) 11 december 2018

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