School Bus (Photo: Pexels)


Dec 13, 2018 by Alyssa Duvall

These Heroic Kids Took The Wheel After Their Bus Driver Collapsed

When a school bus driver suddenly collapsed during her afternoon route, a pair of brave students in Atkinson, New Hampshire did the unthinkable.

Nolan Berry, a third grader, and Thomas MacKeen a 4th grader, ran to the driver's seat upon realizing she'd fallen unconscious. Berry tried to use the emergency brake while MacKeen spoke to the other students to keep them calm.

According WMUR, Atkinson police chief Timothy Crowley stated that “Nolan started activating switches on the dashboard because he said the bus was still rolling, and at some point, the bus came to a stop, they couldn’t get the door open."

Next, the trapped children shouted and banged on the windows of the bus.

“So that’s when I ran over and saw she had collapsed,” said Jesse Silva, a parent who was waiting to pick up his son, David.

“[The driver] was unable to provide information as to exactly what happened,” Chief Crowley stated, “so, some type of medical issue.” The unnamed driver was taken to the hospital and placed on leave until given medical clearance to drive again.

“Thank God it happened here, where I was,” Silva concluded. “There was someone here to help out quickly. If it happened anywhere else it could have gone a lot worse.”

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